Custom orthotic shoes: More than just shoes!

Karl-Heinz Schott

Content: The custom orthotic shoe as functional appliance is little known in many countries. In the seminar the former IVO-president Karl-Heinz Schott explains what the custom orthotic shoe should be able to do and when it is subscribed – and that the certified pedorthist generates the diagnostic findings himself and that he decides on the treatment. He shows how patients can be treated in a country where pedorthic works are not part of the services of health insurance companies and where the physician is not the initiator of the treatment. It will also be discussed how the „Priority  Assistive Product List“ of the WHO has changed the treatment situations in various countries. 

Lecturer: Karl-Heinz Schott

About the Lecturer: Karl Schott, a fourth generation foot care professional with over thirty years experience, has served as an adviser to the foot care industry around the world. He has earned many international qualifications and is an active member of the Australian Pedorthic Medical Grade Footwear Association. In 1988 Karl Schott founded Shoetech in Sydney, Australia, a preferred supplier to orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons throughout Sydney

Custom orthotic shoes: More than just shoes!
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